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Driver Skills Card


Introduced to help maintain driver and road user safety, The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a highly relevant qualification within the extractives industry. The Driver CPC is vital for both drivers and hauliers who are employed within the sector and are regularly driving a range of vehicles both on-site and on public roads.

Providing a range of Driver CPC periodic approved training courses

MP Skills provide Driver CPC periodic approved training courses. We are able to offer a number of Driver CPC training courses, all of which have been designed specifically for the quarrying industry and contain up-to-date course material and the latest regulation information. Our trainers have been approved to deliver approved training courses for periodic training.

Dumper truckAlthough content varies depending upon the specific course, our Driver CPC training courses are comprised of group demonstrations, short lectures, individual exercises and multiple-choice tests for the Driver Skills Card courses.

The dedicated Driver CPC training courses offered by MP Skills are:

Logical Logistics - Essential Tools for the Professional Driver
Safeguarding Vulnerable Road Users and the Professional Driver
Site Safety Awareness in the Extractive & Mineral Processing Industries
Truckmixer Awareness
Webinar- Truckmixer Awareness 1 day
Webinar- Site Safety Awareness in the Extractive & Mineral Processing Industries 1 day

If you have any questions or wish to book a place please contact our Driver Skills Card Team on 0115 9835 755, alternatively, you can also contact our team.

For bespoke course arrangements please note that prices may vary and will differ from our website. This could be due to the number of delegates, course location or to cover any additional travel expenses. 

Why is the Driver CPC relevant to the extractives industry?

Workplace transport continues to be one of the highest risk sectors in the extractives industry. The reasoning behind the Driver CPC is to make sure only those who are highly skilled can drive heavy-duty vehicles.



What is the Driver CPC and why do I need to do training?

The Driver CPC is a qualification brought to bear by a recent European Union directive. Drivers of heavy duty vehicles must have the CPC qualification alongside their vocational licence, or they cannot legally drive these vehicles. Drivers must do 35 hours of periodic training every five years to keep their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.