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Course of the Month: Quarry Safety Inspections


In the Quarries Regulations 1999, it states that where appropriate, suitable written reports need to be made of inspections, maintenance, and any tests that are carried out. Each report should record significant defects and the steps taken to resolve them. The reports need to be signed by the person carrying the report out and countersigned by an appropriate person in the management structure.

The written scheme needs to target the areas of the quarry that are likely to cause significant risks if the conditions deteriorate. The frequency of the inspections will depend on the severity of the risk involved, and the details will depend on work activities, the nature of the materials, and face and tip heights along with the weather.

Want to find out further details on quarry safety inspections? Luckily MP Skills offers you the Quarry Safety Inspections course! Packed with knowledge, interaction, group exercises and blended learning techniques, our courses aim to tackle safety training in a new and innovative style.

The course is recommended for individuals who carry out workplace inspections, and for those who supervise or advise on inspections, including members of safety committees. We aim to provide course members with an understanding of the requirements for inspections in quarries, and the knowledge to plan and conduct an inspection effectively with the ultimate goal of improving workplace safety.

This action-packed 1-day course will finish with a multiple-choice assessment. Successful completion of the course leads to an MP Skills Certificate of Achievement.

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