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MP Skills join forces with MPA and IEMA to educate the workforce on sustainability and the environment

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MP Skills, The Mineral Product Association (MPA), and The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) have joined forces to help educate the mineral products industry on sustainability and environmental issues.

Through specifically designed training courses, employees can improve and extend both their knowledge and their competence in these areas.

It’s hoped that the efforts of the three organisations will result in giving non-environmental specialists the knowledge, understanding, and motivation to make a positive difference within their businesses. MP Skills is delivering IEMA courses specifically designed for the mining, mineral products, and quarrying sector and is offering a free one-day pilot course: Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce and a free two-day pilot course: Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers.


IEMA – Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce: suitable for those working in any job role across all sectors.  It provides an increased awareness of environmental risk and sustainability and how environmental risk links to economic risk.  It gives delegates an appreciation of how they can assist the business in improving environmental performance.

IEMA – Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers: designed to support managers and supervisors in understanding the strategic and operational implications environmental sustainability has on them, their team and departments. 


Trish Jagger, General Manager, MP Skills, said of the partnership, "This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to bring the expertise of our three organisations together for the benefit of the industry. I'm very much looking forward to seeing MP Skills trainers deliver these essential courses that will sit alongside our ever-expanding range of training solutions."

Those comments were echoed by Emma Bellingham, Head of Training & Development at IEMA who commented, “This partnership marks a strategic shift to the way in which the sector is responding to the sustainability challenge.  The positive impact that training will have on extractives organisations is fundamental to future-proofing the industry, and IEMA is proud to collaborate with the MPA and MP Skills to deliver the change."

Finally, MPA Executive Director Jerry McLaughlin had this to say, “These courses and the opportunities for further professional development with IEMA complement MPA's objectives and reflect the increasing necessity for all industry businesses and employees to improve their awareness of sustainability issues. The link with IEMA, the leading professional organisation in the area of environment and sustainability and MP Skills, the industry's leading training and skills organisation ensure industry-relevant and high-quality training opportunities for industry."