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New Course: Introduction to Supervision & Management


Did you know that according to academics, 60% of new managers underperform in the first two years after being promoted?

Yet another study revealed that 44% of new managers felt unprepared for their new role and 87% wished they’d had more training before becoming a manager.

Transitioning from being a team member to running the team can be really challenging time, it’s even been argued that the transition to new manager is more difficult than the transition to CEO. It’s without doubt that management places upon the newly promoted a range of new pressures and demands, many of which they’re completely unprepared for. That’s where Introduction to Supervision & Management, a new course from MP Skills, comes in.

Aimed specifically at recently appointed managers, supervisors and team leaders, this course explores the role and responsibilities of a manager and helps you to develop the tools needed to meet those challenges.

Communication skills, motivational tools, leadership style, performance management, and fostering teamwork are all topics covered through a mix of practical activities, group discussion, and syndicate working.

This one-day course sits within the personal effectiveness section of the IQ skills wheel. It is designed to complement the other headings within the personal effectiveness part of the wheel and the other sections of the wheel.

To find out more about this or any of our courses simply give MP Skills a call on 0115 983 6580.