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Engaging and Influencing People

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2 Day

Who should attend?

If you manage or supervise others, you need to influence people. You can make a quantum leap in the results you get and how you feel about the presentations you give and your communication.

No prior knowledge of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is required. The course is specially structured so that even those who have had training in NLP techniques will still gain a tremendous amount of additional knowledge.


If you want to be more comfortable when presenting to or influencing groups or individuals, and engage people at any level in an organisation, then this training is for you!
Remodel your communication presence in just two days.


•  Gaining rapport with any size group, regardless of seniority

•  How to achieve and stay in the ideal 'communicator state' - relaxed, focused, centred

•  Structuring your communication around preferred thinking styles to maximise audience attention and   retention

•  Using specific gestures and postures to increase your influence, impact and flexibility as a communicator

•  How to make short presentations punchy and impactful

•  Understanding communication and conflict       

•  How to diffuse a conflict situation

•  Creating optimum communication states in your audience

•  A method of giving and receiving feedback that really works

•  How to maintain and manage the energy in the room or environment

•  Increasing your personal magnetism and charisma


How this course maps to the IQ Skills Wheel

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Number of delegates

minimum 4, maximum 8

Duration and Delivery Options

2 days

Based in a training room.

• Short lectures
• Group discussions

Contact Details

Contact details: For further details or to make a booking, contact the team on 0115 983 6580 or email: enquiries@mpskills.co.uk