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IEMA – Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers


2 Day

Who should attend?

IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers is perfect for supervisors and managers from any industry across all sectors. This two-day course is designed to support managers and supervisors in understanding the strategic and operational implications environmental sustainability has on them, their team and departments. It will enable them to contribute to the improvement of environmental sustainability within an organisation.



To provide individuals with:

• An understanding of the drivers for change and barriers

• The knowledge and understanding of baseline data to monitor and improve performance

• Skills to apply environmental sustainability across the supply chain

• Knowledge surrounding the importance of resource efficiency within the business

• An understanding of how they and their employees can work collectively as a team to improve environmentally performance

• Greater awareness of how their role is pivotal in promoting sustainability within the organisation


The course includes:

  • Defining environmental sustainability

  • Impacts including degradation of climate systems and landfill

  • Pollution and the consequences, statutory nuisance issues and how to manage those

  • Legislation, regulation, regulators and enforcement

  • Environmental improvements in practice

  • Evaluating the drivers and barriers to change

  • Assessing environmental performance to identify areas for improvement

  • Adopting life cycle thinking principles when working with value chains

  • Resource management from flow to waste, energy and circular economy principles

  • Engagement, behaviour and change for a better sustainable organisation

Based in a training room the day is packed full of a number of interactive activities that are combined with a number of blended learning techniques leading to an extremely thought-provoking and highly stimulating course.

  • Short lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Team activities   

Successful completion of the course leads to an IEMA-MP SKILLS Certificate of Achievement.

Number of delegates

minimum 6, maximum of 12

Duration and Delivery Options

2 days

Contact Details

For further details or to make a booking, contact the team on 0115 983 6580 or email: enquiries@mpskills.co.uk