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Webinar- Truckmixer Awareness - 1 day course

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1 Day

Who should attend?

Are required to:

Operate and drive Truckmixers

All drivers/ Owners/ operators/ IHC ( independent haulier contractor) Managers/ Transport Managers and Industry specific Trainers of Truckmixers/ Tippers and Tankers

Applies to Truckmixer vehicl


To provide individuals with:

The necessary skills which are relevant to driving a Truckmixer

A greater awareness when operating the Mixer

To help drivers not only operate safely but also efficiently


Number of delegates

Number of delegates: minimum 6, maximum of 20* - NB on public courses a maximum of 10 attendees are permitted per employer/company

Duration and Delivery Options

1 day (7 Hours CPD)

Based in a training room the day is packed full of a number of interactive activities that are combined with a number of blended learning techniques leading to an extremely thought provoking and highly stimulating day. It tackles a number of core communication skills which will help an individual become more confident and effective in the workplace.

Short lectures 
Demonstrations 
Group discussions 
Interactive exercises

Contact Details

Contact details: details: For further details or to make a booking, contact the Drivers Skills Card Team on 0115 9835755 or email: drivers@mpskills.co.uk

03/10/2020 1 Day Webinar Fully Booked
17/10/2020 1 Day Webinar Fully Booked
07/11/2020 1 Day Webinar Enquire
28/11/2020 1 Day Webinar Enquire
12/12/2020 1 Day Webinar Enquire