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Drivers Skills Card

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 The MPQC Driver Skills Card (formerly known as EPIC) is an industry-wide initiative backed by the Mineral Products Association (MPA). It was introduced to help improve safety awareness of drivers, minimise accidents and encourage safe behaviour at industry sites and on the road. The Driver Skills Card is an industry requirement for all drivers and hauliers employed within the extractives sector.

Delivering comprehensive Driver Skills training courses specifically for the extractives industry

MP Skills is the extractives industry Approved Training Provider for the MPQC Driver Skills Card.  We are responsible for ensuring that our course meets industry requirements for both course content and standard of delivery.

We provide two Driver Skills training courses that are approved by the MPA and count towards the number of CPC periodic training hours required. Consisting of short lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, individual exercises and for the Driver Skills card multiple-choice tests– both training courses are delivered by professional industry experts.

Driver Skills Card training courses are CPC approved training courses

MP Skills provide Driver CPC periodic approved training courses and contain industry-relevant course material and up to date regulation information.

The dedicated Driver Skills training courses offered by MP Skills are: 

Logical Logistics - Essential Tools for the Professional Driver
Safeguarding Vulnerable Road Users and the Professional Driver
Site Safety Awareness in the Extractive & Mineral Processing Industries
Truckmixer Awareness
Webinar- Truckmixer Awareness 1 day
Webinar- Site Safety Awareness in the Extractive & Mineral Processing Industries 1 day

If you have any questions or wish to book a place please contact our Dedicated Driver Skills Card Team on 0115 9835 755, alternatively use the course links above to view scheduled dates or contact our team. All our trainers have been approved to deliver training courses for periodic training.




Who needs to have a Driver Skills Card?

All drivers and hauliers employed within the extractives sector are required to have a valid Driver Skills Card.

How do I find out how many hours of Driver CPC Hours I have already done?

You can find out your current total hours of training, and the specific courses you have attended on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency website.