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Geotechnical Training

Working in response to the increasing focus on geotechnical awareness within the extractive industry, MP Skills is proud to be at the forefront of developing a range of comprehensive geotechnical courses. Our investment into the geotechnical arena is part of our commitment to proactively identifying, designing and delivering high quality training solutions that address a specific skills requirement in the sector.

Promoting safe geotechnical awareness for organisations dealing with stockpiles and tips

Our geotechnical courses have proven popular with a number of organisations in the quarrying, surface mining and waste recycling industries; specifically those dealing with stockpiles and tips.

Identified as a critical area for growth within the extractives industry, our geotechnical courses include a particular focus on ensuring safe working practices around tips, stockpiles and excavations.

Leading the way with our unique suite of VQ geotechnical training courses

We currently offer three innovative geotechnical training courses that have been designed specifically for varying levels of role responsibility - from Operatives to Supervisory roles and Management.

Although content varies depending upon the specific course, our geotechnical training courses are comprised of video clips, demonstrations, short lectures, workplace exercises and practical instructions designed to bring the topic to life.

We want you to get the best out of the training please talk to us about the most appropriate level of course. We have produced this Which Geotechnical Course is right for me Information Sheet to help you select

Two of our geotechnical training courses also include vocational qualifications exclusive to MP Skills. Our courses are:

Geotechnical Awareness for Operatives
Intermediate Level Geotechnical Knowledge (Level 3)
Advanced Level Geotechnical Knowledge and Practice (Level 4)
Webinar - Introduction to Geotechnical

If you have any questions or wish to book a place on either of our geotechnical courses please use the course links above to view scheduled dates or contact our team.

Geotechnical training courses for each level within your organisation 

We offer a range of innovative geotechnical training courses for every level within your business from Operatives to Supervisors and Quarry Managers.

Geotechnical courses driven by the needs of the industry

The safe management of stockpiles, excavations and waste tips is a critical area of focus within the extractives industry and the waste recycling sector.