Advanced Level Geotechnical Knowledge and Practice

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Geotechnical Qualifications
Advanced Level Geotechnical Knowledge and Practice
The Advanced Level Geotechnical Knowledge is a Level 4 course which can only be attempted once a candidate has completed the Intermediate Level course. The webinar variant of this course is only available by LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, please note that smart devices such as phones or tablet are not permittable for our courses.
Who Should Attend?
This course is directed towards both employees and contractors, who have the responsibility for managing an environment in which mineral processing, and geotechnical activity takes place. This will benefit individuals who are involved in and responsible for carrying out geotechnical inspections in the workplace and give a greater understanding of the requirements that must be met and when assessments will be necessary.
The aim of the Advanced Geotechnical course is to provide course delegates with the information and ability to manage the geotechnical aspects in quarries effectively; as well as taking an active role in the design and layout of quarries; and to oversee the maintenance of the environment when on site, keeping it as safe as possible.
Across this two day course several targets are required to be met in order to advance. In the first day the delegate will endure several short lectures and demonstrations, and will be invited to join in on group discussions and interactive exercises. The second day will contain learning the legal principles of inspections and appraisals. The candidate will also be involved in interactive visual sessions in order to help them practise scenarios that may play out in a geotechnical environment. At the end of this course will be a 24 question assessment which ever delegate must take.
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