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IOSH Working Safely
The IOSH Working Safely course is three-day course, that is designed to introduce staff to health, safety, and behaviour in the workplace. You MUST attend with your IOSH booklet to sit the course. The webinar variant of this course is only available by LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, please note that smart devices such as phones or tablet are not permittable for our courses.
Who Should Attend?
The target audience for this course are candidates who require a grounding in health and safety. This course is ideal for workers as they are shown the difference maintaining safety and a sensible behaviour can make to their own, and others wellbeing.
The objective of the working safely course is to provide delegates with the confidence to get involved in actively improving workplace safety. We also aim to help individuals achieve an understanding in the difference between hazards and risks, as well as the importance of health and safety in the workplace.
The focal points of the course involve introducing delegates to the basics of health and safety, as well as helping them understand the definition of hazards and risks, and how to identify them clearly. With this course we also aim to protect the working environment by improving competency of workers on site.
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